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Resco Products has a long track record providing the most effective and efficient solutions within the industry. Resco’s seal pot representative act as an extension of your team looking out for your best interest. Their background and experience within seal pots gives them the unique ability to provide a customized solution encompassing your goals. Resco has developed unique solutions in reducing downtime and increasing production by streamlining workflows.

Rescocast RS-17EM with XPR has been tested and compared to other "shock resistant - low expansion" fused silica type products in laboratory tests which duplicated the severe conditions these linings are exposed to in the field.

Rescocast RS-17EM with XPR not only showed less deterioration than the "shock resistant" products but maintained significantly higher strengths after repeated cycling. Results of these tests are available upon request.         

              Fused Silica Castable                                    Rescocast RS-17EM

Resco Products Fused Silica Castable Example

Resco Products RS-17EM XPR

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