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ClaysThe Cedar Heights Clay Company has been mining and processing clays in Southern Ohio from the Oak Hill Operations since 1924. Our clays offer a veritable palette of colors and textures for every firing method in use today. Our time-honored family of locally mined clays includes: RedArt©, GoldArt©, Roseville Stoneware Clay©, Salt Lick Stoneware Clay©, Ceramic Fireclay, Industrial Fireclay. Our Industrial and Ceramic clays are used across many industries and applications: from Foundry sands, Brick coatings and body modifiers, to pottery and Ceramic Arts, Resco has a Clay for nearly every purpose. 

Cedar Heights Clay is committed to be a full line supplier by offering a wide range of products including: Bond Clays, Kaolins, Talc, Feldspar, CoreLite© Kiln Shelves. All clays available as 200 mesh in 50-pound bags. Bulk packaging is also available.

The standard in red firing earthenware clays.
Roseville Stoneware Clay©
Comes alive in reduction, salt, and wood-fired atmospheres.
Salt Lick Stoneware Clay©
Light buff colored clay, excellent in once fired bodies.
Beautiful cream-colored clay all through the firing range, extremely plastic.

Gold Art Clay Resco Products

MineralsThe Hillsborough deposit located in the “Piedmont” of North Carolina has been producing consistent ore since it opened in 1958. A unique blend of the mineral andalusite and massive grain pyrophyllite increases the refractoriness of the natural combination. The purity of this beneficiated pyrophyllite ore makes it an excellent source for alumina and silica in high temperature formulations. Piedmont Minerals has been a staple raw material in refractory mixes, and many other high temperature ceramic applications. Piedmont Minerals ships by bag, super sack, pneumatic tanker truck, and railcar.

Classification and blending at the mine allow for versatile chemical and mineralogical classes of products. Our product families contain: Alkatrol©, Andafrac©, Pyrofrac©, Pyrophyl©, Pyrotrol©.  Our Pyrophyllite and Andalusite offerings vary from refractories to aesthetic coatings; our unique mineral deposit provides numerous solutions to improve your products.  The spectrum of uses for the unique pyrophyllite ore from Resco is vast. Originally sourced as a refractory raw material; milling and air separation make it an excellent option for ceramic bodies in tile, brick, fine ceramics, and pottery.  

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For the better part of a century Resco Products has been creating high-quality refractory products across a vast array of applications & industries.  Search through our industries and applications and any questions our specialists are available!

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