Ceramic Welding Powder

Ceramic welding is a process utilized to repair refractories while keeping the furnace at operating temperature. This process prevents shutting down the equipment and reduces overall costs. Ceramic welding powders are refractory materials formulated to match the refractory under repair. Resco Products can provide you the ceramic welding powder you need. Resco can also provide ceramic welding services under the right circumstances.

Coke Oven Refractory Repair

Ceramic welding is a mixture of ceramic and metallic particles that travels through specialized equipment and hoses where it is combined with oxygen at the nozzle end. As the powder is projected from the nozzle it reacts to the oxygen and heat creating an exothermic reaction raising the temperature to 3500 - 3700 degrees Fahrenheit. The high temperatures help the ceramic welding material to the adhere to the refractory.

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Ceramic Welding Powder
Ceramic Welding Powder
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