Published 06/03/2020

COVID-19 has created significant operational challenges for manufacturers across the globe. The need for new safety protocols, government-imposed restrictions and changes in demand and have temporarily forced companies to shut down locations and/or alter their standard approaches to manufacturing. In our response to the current situation, Resco Products has focused on four pillars:

Protect our workforce and their families: Resco Products quickly developed new operating procedures at each facility to keep our employees safe. And, we continue to adapt and upgrade as new best practices emerge. This, in turn, makes our employees both secure in their work environment and confident that they won’t bring the virus home to their families. We have worked closely with our employees at all levels to make sure that we have open communications, address concerns, and quickly implement new ideas.

Manage and mitigate risks: Resco Products, like many others, is anticipating that many changes to our current operating models, that have been and will be implemented, will continue to exist after the COVID-19 pandemic dissipates. We are looking for and implementing solutions that will protect our employees for the long-term. This includes new types of PPE, new ways of handling products, additional forms of automation and remote sensing, transitioning more roles to be done remotely, increased focus on employee health and disease prevention, greater use of video technology, and more. We also are improving our contingency planning at all facilities, allowing mores rapid response utilizing pre-established mitigation tactics and trainings. We also are continuing the work of the last five years to broaden our supply chain, making us far less dependent on any one company or country.

Use downtime to invest in our future: While the economy has pause, Resco Products has been busy. We have taken the temporary reduction in demand on our plants as an opportunity to install new equipment, upgrade other equipment, deploy a new preventive maintenance platform and extend and accelerate training across much of the organization.

Continue to Deliver Excellence to our customers: All Resco Products manufacturing have remained operational throughout the pandemic. However, some plants and/or product lines have been temporarily idled depending upon customer demand. Our primary focus has been on making sure that our customers have everything that they need to continue operating. Our sales and customer service teams are working every day to provide customers the high level of support that they have come to rely on from Resco.

Critical to each of the four pillars is communication. We have attempted to strengthen and extend both the forms and frequency of communication within the organization. We are leveraging phone, email, Yammer and Teams to both carry out our traditional roles and to better connect our employees to one another. This includes highlighting positive results and the achievements of our employees and facilities, sharing what we have done during quarantines and the soon to come “virtual coffee breaks”. While the Covid-19 experience has been difficult, Resco is attempting to use the circumstance to fortify our capabilities, improve our assets and strengthen our customer relationships.

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