Published 12/10/2018

About Pot Coat / Slurry Coat

Resco's Pot Coat and Slurry Coat are parting agents that help prevent slag from sticking to a surface. Insulating coating helps to remove iron pickup and increases working life of products applied to. Most commonly utilized for slag pots, ladle lip rings and spouts, LMF hoods, or any application in which preventing slag from sticking is necessary. The use of each product is highly dependent on the specifics of the application, installation and storage procedure.

Pot Coat / Pot Coat A / Pot Coat S - Most commonly used in slag pots
Slurry Coat A - Most commonly used in slag pots / LMF hoods / and Ladle Lip Rings & Spouts
Slurry Coat - Most commonly used in slag pots

For best performance make sure to properly adhere to all instructions refering to temperature.  This includes storage and installation temperatures.

It cannot be exposed to high temperatures prior to being applied
It cannot be exposed to below freezing temperatures for long periods of time

Winterized Coating Mixes Vs. Summer Mixes

Winterized mixes can be used throughout the year.  However, these versions were developed to be used primarily during the fall and winter months where the area of installation gets below freezing.  
Summer versions are to be used during the spring and summer seasons.  Unlike the winter version they are not acceptable during the fall and winter unless temperatures in the area where it is being used stay well above freezing.  Summer grades typically have a shelf life of 30-90 days and winter grades typically have a shelf life of 30-60 days.  The shelf life is dependent on how the material is stored.  Contact us for more information on storing.  

Additional Information

All versions of Pot Coat and Slurry Coat are available in both summer and winter grades.  Resco Products can provide multiple packaging options,  drums, tote tanks, and bulk.  Materials are typically applied utilizing a pneumatic diaphragm pump to spray material through a hand-held spray wand.  In high volume applications for spraying slag pots Resco Products can build an automatic spray station that will allow the pot hauler to activate the system remotely from inside the cab of the hauler.  

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