Published 06/15/2018

Research and Development is a large portion of the foundation at Resco Products. Resco understands that every customer needs a unique solution. Refractories react differently to handful of factors including: Industry, application, material utilized, chemistry, temperature, resistances, oxidation and the list goes on. That is why our team is constantly testing products to optimize chemistries for each application.

Our team works closely with our customers to determine all the factors that will affect the refractory to determine how our product will perform. When you combine the right refractory with procedures that are designed to compliment the refractory the life and the efficiency of the refractory increases.
Our product specialists will work with the customer and go over the following questions to determine the best all-around solution.

  • Choice of product
  • Drying times
  • Life cycle
  • Application (casting, gunning, pumping, self flow, trowelling, dipping, ramming, hand-packing, spraying, caulking, coating, or setting)

Our R&D team will also run post mortem investigation. Post mortem investigations allows us to evaluate how the product performed and where we can improve. In July of 2018 Resco will be completing its new R&D facility in Greensboro NC.   Look for our next blog including photos of the new facility and improved capabilities!

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