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Minerals and Ceramics

Specialty Minerals and Clays - Tile Manufacturing

For specialty clays and minerals, Resco Products, Inc. is the number one single source for tile manufacturers. Our clays - including Pyrotrol and Pyrofrac - set the standard for consistent dependable quality designed to meet your mineral and clay needs.

Specialty Minerals and Clays - Sanitaryware

From specialty clays to specialty refractories, Resco Products, Inc. is the single source for manufacturers of sanitary ware bodies, kiln brick and specialties. Our specialty refractories for repairs are your best and most cost-effective solution for keeping your kilns running at peak efficiency. And our clays and clay ingredients help ensure the brilliant white bodies and dependable glazes you require.

Specialty Minerals and Clays - Brick Production

As a brick manufacturer, you require a full selection of minerals in order to produce the full selection of products you offer your customers. Resco Products, Inc. provides car top brick shapes and specialty monolithic refractories which are ideally suited for your brick kilns. Repairs are easy and cost-effective. Energy costs are reduced and maintenance requirements are minimized.

Specialty Minerals and Clays - Foundries

Resco Products, Inc. prides itself on meeting the full range of clay and mineral needs for today's foundry operations. Our clays are proven and world famous. We offer clay binders for green sand molding, minerals for mold and core wash compounds and investments casting molding sands. We are a leading source for products, expertise and reliability.

Specialty Minerals and Clays - Electrical Porcelains

For clays, Resco Products, Inc. is the number one single source for manufacturers' electrical porcelains. Our clays and pyrophyllite ingredients help ensure the correct body formulations and consistent production performance you have come to expect from Resco.

Specialty Minerals and Clays- Hobby and Ceramic Arts

Resco is the industry leader in providing potters and ceramic artists the best, most consistent quality available. Our Cedar Heights products are recognized, respected and widely used. We also provide firebrick, insulating castables, pyrophyllite, blended ores and other clay and mineral materials for bodies, glazes and kiln construction.

Specialty Minerals, Firebricks and Clays - Refractories to meet every need

Regardless of what products you manufacture, if you require heat resistant, corrosion resistant or chemical resistant specialty refractories for long-lasting monolithic repairs or perpetual linings, Resco Products, Inc. is your ideal resource.