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Iron and Steel

Resco Products, Inc. offers the cumulative experience and expertise of over 50 years of service in crafting heat resistant materials for the steel industry. Throughout those years, we have continuously developed proprietary heat resistant products, special formulations and hands-on problem solving to help meet every requirement. Today, we are stronger and better than ever. With the acquisition of assets from Harbison-Walker, North American and National Refractories since 2000, Resco has greatly enhanced our production capabilities and product selection.

Resco monolithic refractories are used in most iron and steel making processes such as ladles, hot metal or torpedo cars, electric arc furnace deltas and spouts and RH degassers. Resco supplies a wide variety of monolithic refractories for iron and steel applications including high alumina castables, gun mixes and shotcrete products, high alumina plastics, alumina-spinel castables and shotcrete products and basic gun mixes and castables.


aluminum processing

Resco Products, Inc. offers a full line of specialty refractories for monolithic repairs and perpetual linings for applications such as carbon baking, primary smelting, secondary melting, die casting and foundry operations. These brick monolithics and specialty refractories provide the dependable performance you require under the harshest conditions and in the most corrosive atmospheres.

Along with our aluminum-resistant high alumina brick products, Resco has a complete product line of aluminum-resistant monolithics for the lower sidewall, ramp and hearth. High strength, alkali and creep resistant castables for the upper sidewall and roof of aluminum melting reverberatory furnaces complete the product offerings. Most of these monolithic refractories can also be pumpcast into place. Resco also offers a complete line of castables for carbon baking furnace applications.


The corrosive atmospheres of copper processing can severely impact the life of ordinary refractories. But Resco Products, Inc. offers you a full line of brick monolithic repair and perpetual lining refractories specifically formulated for copper processing.

Non-Ferrous Metals

Resco offers a variety of monolithic refractories to producers of non-ferrous metals ranging from high alumina castables for induction furnaces to basic gun mixes and castables for maintenance of smelting furnaces.


Resco Products, Inc. has consistently maintained a long-standing commitment to foundries. This commitment is exemplified by the wide variety of brick specialty monolithic refractories and mineral products supplied by Resco. We are continually developing products for the full range of your application needs, including high- and low-cement castables to high alumina plastics for perpetual repairs in furnace, trough and runner linings.

Iron and steel foundries have used a variety of Resco monolithic refractories such as high alumina castables and plastics for maintenance and repair of troughs, furnaces and many other foundry applications.

Refractories to meet every need

Resco has been supplying performance-proven refractory products for over 50 years. Regardless of what products you manufacture, if you require heat resistant material in the form of corrosion resistant or chemical resistant specialty refractories for cost-effective performance, Resco Products, Inc. is your full line source.