Resco Products


General Industry Applications

Resco monolithic refractories are specified and installed in a wide variety of different high temperature applications. Those general industries that rely on Resco monolithic refractories include oil refineries and petrochemical plants, Portland cement manufacturers, lime producers, paper mills, coal-fired boilers and circulating fluidized bed boilers for power generation, chemical waste and other types of incinerators, construction brick and block manufacturers. Resco monolithic refractories are also available in a variety of different types: plastics, vibration castables, pumpable and shotcrete products, gun mixes, insulating castables, ramming mixes and mortars which are provided in fireclay, high alumina, basic, silicon carbide and fused silica types. In combination with extensive brick capability, Resco is well positioned as a full-line refractory supplier.

Hydrocarbon Processing

The conditions inside the vessels and reactors of a modern oil refinery are very severe against refractories. Monolithic refractories must withstand severe abrasion due to alumina catalyst, carbon monoxide exposure, carbon penetration and thermal shock for long periods of time if they are to be specified for the next maintenance turnaround in a refinery. Resco monolithic refractories have a long history of superior performance under these conditions. Resco monolithic refractories are specified and installed by major oil companies and engineering companies worldwide because they are consistent, they are reliable and they perform. Resco supplies abrasion resistant lightweight and medium weight castables, shotcrete and gun mixes. Resco has built its worldwide reputation on products like Rescobond AA-22S and Rescocast 17EC. Rescobond AA-22S is the standard for abrasion resistant linings in cyclones. Rescocast 17EC is the most widely specified abrasion resistant castable in the industry. Resco conducts extensive product development on monolithic refractories for oil refineries and petrochemical plants to insure that state-of-the-art monolithic refractories are available to our customers. A current example is our R-Max family of abrasion resistant, ultra-high strength monolithics.

Block and Brick Manufacturers

Resco is a full line supplier of refractories to this market. To complement our product line of fired, extruded car top shapes, Resco offers manufacturers of brick and block a full product line of lightweight and dense castables. Our KC MIX is a widely used, 60 pcf density, lightweight castable for kiln cars. Resco also supplies a wide range of refractory mortars, from fireclay to 80% alumina, to these customers.

Cement, Lime, Paper

Resco is a leading supplier of monolithic refractories to rotary kiln operators including Portland cement manufacturers, lime producers and paper mills. Resco's high alumina gun mixes, castables and shotcrete products are installed in many preheat towers, nose rings, chain sections, clinker coolers, firing hoods and feed end housings. Many cement and lime producers have benefitted from reduced downtime by installing Resco's QUIKTURN products, a family of monolithic refractories that can be rapidly heated soon after installation.

Power Generation

Resco's monolithic products are installed in many different types of boilers used for power generation. These types of boilers are wood-fired and coal-fired boilers, including cyclone boilers, and circulating fluidized bed boilers, or CFB's. The type of monolithic refractories used are varied and include silicon carbide gun mixes, castables and plastics for high thermal conductivity and resistance to coal slag, fireclay gun mixes for ash hoppers, high alumina plastics for general maintenance, high alumina brick for CFB's cyclones plus insulating gun mixes, castables and shotcrete products to minimize heat loss. Fire-clay based plastics are installed in smaller capacity steam boilers. Resco can supply most of the refractory types used in both large and small scale boilers.


Along with Resco's high alumina brick products, Resco's monolithic products such as high alumina plastics, are installed in many types of incinerators including the highly corrosive, high temperature environment of chemical waste incinerators. Environments in incinerators vary with the types of materials or waste being incinerated. Resco provides technical support to assist incinerator operators in choosing the best refractory products for their particular application conditions.


Resco manufactures a variety of products and shapes for glass regenerator and checker applications. These products are primarily for the working lining of the regenerators and include basic and andalusite products. Similar products are supplied for checker settings where we offer standard series brick as well as the HPC and Interweave modular design blocks. Resco also supplies products for use in other glass industry applications. These include high alumina and chrome alumina brick, mortars and a full line of castables.